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(An organisation for Global estiblisement of Integrated Medicine)
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To provide academically excellent, time demanded, cost effective and most useful Integrated Medical Education (IME) for young medical graduates, prospective learners and practitioners of modern and traditional medicine who are really interested in the system with limited opportunities.


World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) is an organization for Global Establishment of Integrated Medicine. WAIM is based on the nuclear fact of initiation of Integrated Medical Education Programs (IMEP) by Prashanti Medical Care Institute (PMCI) Varanasi 1990 and Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM) Delhi 1992. It has been established to offer the high quality integrated medical education for promotion health, prevention of disease, effective cure of diseases and rehabilitation to the disabled. It is dedicated to provide the new direction to holistic health care delivery in New Millennium.

World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) is determined to bridge the existing gaps between modern and traditional medicine. The concept of integrated medicine is beyond doubt is the boon to strengthens the healing modalities. It adds the merits of modern and traditional system. Integrated medicine is based on the facts that:

  • None of the medical system is perfect
  • None of the medical system is useless
  • Every medical system has merits and demerits
  • Every medical system has its limitations and
  • Our tradition is to respect all

Under such circumstances, the only alternative is to take the best of all possible and available systems (modern and traditional) together and develop its teaching, training, treatment, research and national implementation which could be nearer to the perfect as the perfect is only one i.e. the Omnipresent.

World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) is the first organized institution to disseminate the integrated medical education programs. The curriculum has flexibility to accommodate all possible improvements and innovative concepts in various courses for quality medical education and after care. Though, WAIM has provision for all graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level courses. At present, WAIM offers postgraduate courses leadings to Certificates as- Diploma, Advanced Studies and Research Fellowship in Speciality, Institutional Membership and Fellowship. ┬áBesides, these academic accolades, WAIM also offers undergraduate Certificate and Diploma in various Medico-technical subjects.

WAIM invites the global graduates and practitioners of modern and traditional medicine and holistic healing to come forward and earn the excellence of knowledge and skills of integrated medicine and holistic health care through teaching, training, treatment, research and thus for its proper national implementation. WAIM assures for the quality education, knowledge and skills to serve the community in most efficient and effective techniques.

Founder President
World Association of Integrated Medicine

Dr. Nagendra P. Dubey (Dr. N. P. Dubey)
Founder President
World Association of Integrated Medicine
AUM Foundation LLC, NY, USA
Mobile No.: +91 94152 28432
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