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The Certificates of World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) can be earned in following way:

I. Affiliated/Accredited Institutions
II. Distance Learning Program
III. Project Work

(I) Affiliated/Accredited Institutions:

All affiliated/accredited institutions/hospital nursing home / clinic working as an affiliate of WAIM are entitled to conduct the courses of Institute of WAIM and AUM Foundation.

(II) Distance Learning Program:

It is process of earning the academic Certificate/ Diploma of WAIM while sitting at a long distance and engaged in related occupation. Here, the candidate is supplied the guidelines to complete their theory, required practical and project work under academic advisors in the concerned country/zone/area. The candidate can also seek the helps from nearest affiliated/accredited centre. Under this path, the candidate learns with own pace and convenience. Ultimately, the candidate is evaluated thoroughly in theory, practical and projects work in accordance to the instructions of WAIM.





(III) Project Work:

The Advanced Research in any specialty are conferred to an individual with demonstrable significant career and professional ability in any related field of any specialty sitting in any corner of world by submitting a thematic project in the respective field. Before conferring the Research Fellow in any specialty, the curriculum vitae and the projects are reviewed by the committee. Institutional Fellowship is also offered to outstanding social workers and professionals in the field of service to humanity.

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